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  • Do you know that Cuddle Collection have LOWER PRICES?

    Cuddle Collection with LOWER PRICES. CHECK IT NOW:
    To give you with a better Black Friday Ciber Monday we are presenting you lower prices on the Cuddle Collection to which you can still add your discount of 10%.
    Discount code to Authors Jewelry - sterling silver or golden silver.
    BFCM17Jewelry (available at 12 am Lisbon time)
    More great offers to come.
    Para lhe proporcionar uma melhor BFCM apresentamos-lhe preços mais baixos na Coleção Cuddle aos quais ainda pode adicionar o seu desconto de 10%.
    Código de Desconto em joalharia de Autor - prata 925 e prata dourada.
    Vamos ter mais ofertas.
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  • Wondering about your Christmas dinner?

    PEARL RUBI by Costa Nova is the perfect choice to bring happiness and charm to any table during holiday season.
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  • Leixões Collection by Mater... We love it!

     Leixões Collection by Mater... 

    "It was to be seen, by touching".

    Leixões Collection by MATER @

    The perception of the "unruled" tiles that covers a large part of Leixões terminal building causes an empathic zig zag that is better felt with your hands.

    Silver or Golden plated 925, sand blasted.


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  • Do you know how to choose the size of your ring?

    Today we want to tell you how to choose the right size of your ring.

    The size of your ring depends on if it is long or short.

    For example: If I want to buy a Calçada ring (long) I need one size up (Portuguese measures). I use a size 18 in my middle finger so for this specific ring I need a 19.

    Calçada ring silver with stones by Mater at by-PT online store

    If I want a Cuddle ring (short) for my ring finger I will need my usual size, a 12.

     Cuddle ring golden by Romeu Bettencourt at by-PT online store

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  • Two Items that will help you to have a nice table

    Do you know how to use a Malmo Cutlery set?

    In the image below you can see an example of an assembly of an Herdmar Malmo.

    We also use a Madeira by Costa Nova tableware. 

    See Malmo Options

    Malmo and Madeira a perfect duo.


    Both can be washed in the dishwasher.

    Madeira by Costa Nova.

    Lovely tableware available in blue, green and grey.

    Herdmar Malmo Cutlery Set.

    This is Chocolate matte, but you can have it Incopper, Gold, Black or Silver. You are able to choose if you want it glossy or matte.

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