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'Affaire Jewellery Craftsmanship




Defined by its core values which demonstrate it is a premium brand, ‘AFFAIRE Jewellery is a captivating luxury brand that creates jewels which reflect a highly exclusive lifestyle. Addressing an elite clientele,´AFFAIRE Jewellery is continuously surprising connoisseurs through alternative collections of distinctive and unique look – Excellence, Craftsmanship, Fusion and Emotions are what brings to life our Designs and together the heart and soul of each collection. Therefore, every piece of jewellery is a statement of timeless and permanent value, being made for more than just one life, they become authentic heirlooms.
Behind the scenes of ´AFFAIRE Jewellery
At the ´AFFAIRE Jewellery atelier, creative’s influenced by classic times and modern cosmopolitanism, are encouraged to dream about the impossible, to unleash their imagination and achieve designs were the perfect balance between two different materials results in a perfectly harmonious and flawlessly crafted jewel. Being the design team driven by pure passion for finesse and excellence, makes them seek for exceptional achievement. A lengthy process, they go through with dedication, from the first idea to the final design, one that may take months to be ready for the next stage, its materialization. 

When a design has been approved, the quest for the perfect production technique is initiated. Being every 
technical challenge met with passion, the workshop starts to simmer, eager that the first prototype of the designed piece is created. By bringing together each particular craftsman expertise and the designer’s inventiveness, and uniting all these skills and savoir-faire, inside the same space, it allows the success of transforming an impossible sketch into to a breathtaking jewel. And because at ´AFFAIRE Jewellery there are no impossible goals, only undiscovered paths to reach them, designers will always be free to create whatever they dream and be part of the thrill it is to discover a technical or manufacture innovation to their own Design!
Reason why ´AFFAIRE Jewellery is proud to be the pioneer in applying innovative techniques like the use of screws to assemble porcelain components together or with other materials or even elevate the porcelain to the status of a precious stone.

AFFAIRE Jewellery is committed to the highest standards of quality in all its creations. Thus the production 
strategy focuses on control of the entire process, from research and development of the first prototype to the finished product. Every jewel is produced under meticulous attention to detail and high quality standards, responsibility of talented artisans whom master diverse skills and are truly passionate for their métier.
The attention to the materials used is as important as the technique applied to its creation, as every material used responds to the highest quality levels, being the porcelain or the precious metal and stones of each jewel.
To meet these high standards and achieve highest durability and quality the porcelain is taken to its limits and if needed the production process will always be specially adapted to reach the desired goal.


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