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  • Do you know ANTIFLOP?

    “What if a work of art could be worn...”




    ANTIFLOP was born from a thought... “What if a work of art could be worn…”

    Combining a passion for art with the experience in the world of fashion, Tété, the foundress of the Portuguese brand, created that with the ambition to bring art to people`s daily lives in the simple way, nothing more that WEAR!!!

    The concept of the brand is reproduce works by Portuguese artists in scarfs, tunics and t-shirts always having as a basis the quality raw materials ranging from silk, cotton, kashmir until micro modal.

    Every single pieces promote not only, the national artista as well as the culture of our country being reproduced on number reduced, that create limited serie with a certification of authenticity numbered, adding to piece a touch of exclusivity and glamour.

    The brand has partnerships with various portuguese artists, José de Guimarães, António Soares, Luís Filipe de Abreu. Also features a scarf with the first map of Portugal created by cartographer of the 16th century, Fernando Álvaro Seco. Soon to be added more partnerships with the confirmation existing Nadir Afonso, Sofia Areal and the photographer Carlos Ramos.

    ANTIFLOP is online at, Lisbon Shop, Serralves Foundation, gallery art Arte 9 séculos and in online store by-PT.

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  • Do you know Saccus?

    men accessories bags belt

    It all started when Paul Silveira Pereira, designer and founder, was challenged by a close friend to create a bag inspired by the iconic model of one of the most exclusive brands in the world. 

    He accepted the challenge and so it was planted the seed of what is today the brand SACCUS. (From the Latin, bag)

    From drawing to drawing, prototype to prototype, the ideas were born and the concept took shape and strength. 

    The concept 

    A Portuguese brand of contemporary and functional design, with exclusive pieces, SACCUS was impregnated, since its inception, with the motto "ingenium Liberat animum" (imagination frees the spirit), holding up a young, free and progressive attitude. 

    The promise 

    Saccus wants to bring to the segment of men’s fashion accessories everyday items, and pieces of urban design that endure for generations, either because of their high quality, and  because of their uniqueness.

    In practice 

    SACCUS uses materials produced and reared in Portugal.

    SACCUS counts, among its biggest stars, with the leather, the burel (a woolen cloth), the tanned fish skin, cork technical fabric (Eco Leather), linen and cotton.

    To fulfill the promise of high quality and uniqueness of each of its products, SACCUS resorts to manufacture based on traditional card molds of design, with which the leather and the fabrics are then tailored.

    Each piece is then made with the utmost attention to detail, whether by hand or machine, according to the technical specifications and the design.

    Our seal of authenticity

    There are four elements that must be present in a genuinely SACCUS piece:

    It’s embossed  hallmark in the leather, the custom metal fittings, the custom rivete on the outside and the woven label on the inside of each of our products. 

    "BE UNIQUE! "

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  • Do you know BAGUERA ?

    Baguera is a Portuguese brand created by Branca Cuvier. It focuses on contemporary fashion culture to create fun jewellery with simple concepts. Exploring shapes and colors it aims to be playful and eye-catching for those who wear it and for those who see it.

    Baguera clutch design


    Every collection has its own different theme where quality, fashion and design are always present. This brand was created for everyone so there are no unique pieces and every jewel has an unlimited production. 

      In 2012 the Vectory collection was the winner of POP's 2012 endorsed by Serralves Foundation in Porto, Portugal. Among the invitations to give some conferences in Lisbon, Porto and Covilhã, Baguera was also invited to exhibit at MeMy Mode Fashion Week Paris, Vogue Fashion Night Out Lisbon and Gallery New Values in Berlin.

       Branca Cuvier was invited by the fashion designer Ricardo Preto to present her Vectory Oval earrings, necklaces and red mask that were specially made for his latest Summer Collection that later on were presented at the Lisbon Fashion Week 2012.

       In 2014 Branca Cuvier was invited by LDJ to design three exclusive collections and also by Samsung to design five different personalized pieces for the Samsung Galaxy Alpha campaign.

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  • Nazareth Collection

    Nazareth Collection| Photography as fashion

    Nazareth Collection is a fashion design label focused on using photographs as patterns of t-shirts, tunics, tops and scarves for men and women.

    Each photograph authored by the brand fashion designer Marcia Nazareth is applied at 360º on every clothing of fine polyester and cotton, belonging to a limited collection always dedicated to a different theme, as Oporto, Fado or Lisbon and Green Collection

    This year Nazareth Collection was invited by Casa da Música to design an exclusive collection for their 10th anniversary. A true honor that inspired is to show the most provocative and hidden places beautifully projected by Pritzker Prize winner Rem Koolhaas.

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  • Ana Leite Scarves

    There are things that are created from nothing…

    In autumm 2012 while I was sewing scarves to renew my own wardrobe, the reaction was so positive that I ended up sewing some more for a small group of friends.
    It is true that I gladly gave them away, but the idea of how a simple accessory can change an emotion, and actually a complete look, came to light.
    Professionally, in the morning it was usual not to know if at the end of the day there would be an executive dinner, a presentation or an informal meeting. The scarves were always there to help me reinvent a different look as I faced a new context.
    This leads to a Portuguese idea and brand.
    The silk butterfly, assumed as brand logo, reflects a willingness to change a course, the need to fly to other projects, such as silk, it is intended to be engaging, emotive and fly beyond boards.

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