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  • ALCINO Silversmith since 1902

    Silver Tea Set



    We have been working in silver for over a century, with art, tradition and excellence. Born in Porto, this tradition has been maintained within our family business that today moves forward into the future with talented designers and skilled craftsmen. The secret lies in the experienced artisan hands that, gently and firmly entice the silver, drawing out the form and the soul of each exceptional piece. Repeated gestures become intrinsic, a constant and always innovative improvement. 


    We create characters with stories to tell… unique possessions… works of art that distinguish not only those who own them today but also those who follow in their footsteps.


    Silver has a direct relationship with the moon, from where it draws its feminine essence. It is associated with water and divine wisdom and has long been a symbol of purity and light throughout the world. Silver is endowed with the translucence of water, the brightness of a diamond, the clarity of crystal and the reflective qualities of a mirror. Argentums, the Latin word for silver, has its origins in Sanskrit and signifies white and bright.


    “Art in its global sense and for opposition nature, means any work executed by man, may have the objective to be useful (useful work like mechanical arts) or the beauty expression (beautiful work like fine arts)… If there are useful things that are not beautiful and many beautiful things that are not useful, there are also things that are beautiful and useful at the same time…” ( Ribeiro e Silva, 1980)


    In dialogue with the Divine, Alcino handcraft ecclesiastical pieces of great artistic art, since 1960.


    ALCINO always worked with well- known artists, like Architects, Painters, Sculptors, developing over the years, several unique and exclusive silver objects.


    Challenges are presented by Artists, with the aim of embodying their concept. We capture the essence of each project and provide better solutions for their realization.


    We returned to the pieces their original aesthetic qualities through the application of ancient techniques performed by experienced craftsmen. Each piece has its own identity and journey that cannot be forgotten during the restoration process.

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