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  • Do you know Saccus?

    men accessories bags belt

    It all started when Paul Silveira Pereira, designer and founder, was challenged by a close friend to create a bag inspired by the iconic model of one of the most exclusive brands in the world. 

    He accepted the challenge and so it was planted the seed of what is today the brand SACCUS. (From the Latin, bag)

    From drawing to drawing, prototype to prototype, the ideas were born and the concept took shape and strength. 

    The concept 

    A Portuguese brand of contemporary and functional design, with exclusive pieces, SACCUS was impregnated, since its inception, with the motto "ingenium Liberat animum" (imagination frees the spirit), holding up a young, free and progressive attitude. 

    The promise 

    Saccus wants to bring to the segment of men’s fashion accessories everyday items, and pieces of urban design that endure for generations, either because of their high quality, and  because of their uniqueness.

    In practice 

    SACCUS uses materials produced and reared in Portugal.

    SACCUS counts, among its biggest stars, with the leather, the burel (a woolen cloth), the tanned fish skin, cork technical fabric (Eco Leather), linen and cotton.

    To fulfill the promise of high quality and uniqueness of each of its products, SACCUS resorts to manufacture based on traditional card molds of design, with which the leather and the fabrics are then tailored.

    Each piece is then made with the utmost attention to detail, whether by hand or machine, according to the technical specifications and the design.

    Our seal of authenticity

    There are four elements that must be present in a genuinely SACCUS piece:

    It’s embossed  hallmark in the leather, the custom metal fittings, the custom rivete on the outside and the woven label on the inside of each of our products. 

    "BE UNIQUE! "

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  • Green Boots


    Having as a starting point the original boots that were made 60 years ago, each pair of Green Boots undergoes the same fabrication process, with all the know-how, tradition, quality, materials, hands and dedication. We reinvented the Portuguese work boots, modernized and full of character, proud of its past and present, and aflame about the future.

    Our boots are made with the traditional manufacturing process, at its original location, with the machinery from that time, counting the knowledgeable hands of expert artisans. The manufacture is completely manual, completed with tradition and dedication. Our boots take about four hours to produce, just like in the 50's, no rush and with the same spirit and dedication that made this product, people and land's character.


    Goodyear Welt is a method used in all of our footwear. Since the early years of this industry, the demand for a highly resistant and long-lasting boot required inventing manufacturing processes that responded to these market needs. This particular one is named after its inventor, Charles Goodyear, Jr., who in 1869, at the height of the industrial revolution, invented a process that replaced the traditional, fully hand sewn method. 

    The process creates an item with greater durability and that is easy to repair (and may potentially be repaired indefinitely). The increased comfort and flexibility, improved breathability and temperature range give this method a great edge, with the potential fallout of being slower and costlier.


    The Green Boots’ lines allow for an exceptional amount of customization, from the outer hide (finish) in three varieties (calfskin, suede and nubuck), to the soles (hide, recycled and military tire), and its inner coating in various materials and colours. In order to ease the navigation through the range of combinations, we've named all of the calfskin boots as in the morning, the suede as by evening, and the nubuck as at night.

    IN THE MORNING (Calfskin)

    Hides from a registered designation of origin, top-notch and of the highest quality, extremely soft and comfortable, with a natural and elegant feel.

    BY EVENING (Suede)

    Genuine suede, very resilient and supple, extremely robust. 


    Insole genuine leather, natural cork flooring and anti - bacterial sponge. Improves the thermal component and increasing comfort .


    Sole in genuine leather, very comfortable and elegant, with a lightweight, urban look. All models with leather sole make use of VIBRAM® heels.


    Made from recycled and reused tire rubber, they are the most original and sustainable choice, with a great emphasis on comfort and durability. 


    IIndicated for every type of flooring, they provide footwear with outstanding strength without diminishing comfort. Ideal for hiking, they provide a very good temperature range. 


    Interior lining consists of serge in cotton and blends, making it a very comfortable and breathable fabric. Available in various colours: blue, green, yellow and red. Also available in denim and in the traditional fabric, “chita from Alcobaça”, as well as in 3 classic plaid patterns. In some models a lining in Natural Sheepskin is also available.

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  • Who are UNDO ?

    shower cap


     A design brand which was born in Porto, Portugal from the desire to create and recreate everyday objects turning them into something more elegant and appealing. UNDO, as its name suggests, means to undo, to recreate, and to find new meanings. Hence, we frequently resorted to history, myths, and symbols; from the known legend of the “Miracle of the Roses” to the iconic Portuguese word “Saudade”. This was how we searched for UNDO’s identity.

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  • MILF Skateboard Tailors



    Milf Skateboard Tailors was born in a dream that rapidly turned into an aspiration of creating a skateboard brand with our own twist. The year was 2011 when, after a 6-month-stay in Brazil, Diogo returned to Portugal with quite a "carioca skate spirit" in his mind. In Brazil, you see all types of people riding their skateboards – in what they call “calçadão” – by the beach looking effortlessly cool. The dream was untouched until 2012 when he decided to turn it into a reality. The goal was clear: to develop skateboards/longboards inspired on the old school shapes by using a different, more modern, material. 

    The name of the brand was one of the first things that had to be set: Milf Skateboard Tailors. And before you ask, yes. The connotation between the name of the brand and its definition is the obvious one. Milf is someone who was born between the 60's/70's so, if you remember the old school shapes and then look at our skateboards, you’ll see the association. As for Skateboard Tailors, we decided it would be the perfect choice because the core of what we do is to build skateboard decks with different colours of material, by cutting different shapes of Valchromat and then joining them with the plywood and walnut, just like the traditional tailors do with different fabrics. 

    After all was thought and clear, there was no turning back. The first prototypes were made in the workshop completely by hand followed by some more look alike ones machined in CNC. 

    Valchromat, birch plywood and walnut sheet are some of the materials that compound Milf Skateboard Tailors decks, all glued together with a special resin. Valchromat is an innovative Portuguese product that combines the natural features of wood with the brightness of colours, and that’s why we chose it. 

    The production takes place in a furniture factory in the north of Portugal, the skateboard decks are cut by CNC and the finishing process (sanding and varnishing) is handmade by us to ensure high quality standards. Attention to detail is our major concern. Every skateboard is unique and has its own serial number. 

    Milf Skateboard Tailors is not a "one man band" project, so many thanks to all the inputs and help from José Leal, Sofia Sampaio, Ricardo Reis, João Pinto, Rui Zarro, José Castro, Rodrigo Martins, Willian Schmitt, Ana Freixo, Fátima São Simão, Alfredo Frias, Celeste Frias, Gustavo Pollmann, Margarida Caldas, Joana Caldas, Nuno Mendes, Irena Uebler, Eva Casanova, Bryanna Rodrigues, Pedro Gomes, Nuno Afonso, Francisco Teles, Tiago Fernandes, Valchromat, Baixaria Porto among others. 

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