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  • Do you know Celso Assunção ?

    Celsus Couture bikini belts hats


    Celso Assunção is graduate in Design from the University of Aveiro and created the brand CELSUS from which has been developing a creative work through clothing, footwear, headgear and fashion accessories.

    Each CELSUS piece tells a story, has their own personality, is exclusive and unique, has a reason to be, like each one of us.

    The development of a quality product, creativity, design and good finishes, made it CELSUS a promise on the Portuguese fashion scenario.

    His work has gained prominence on national fashion week, at 'Portugal Fashion' runway show, where criticism of the media was strongly positive, thanks to the show created in each runway presentation. The originality caught the attention of the fashion critics and national and international press, proof is the number of references, highlights, interviews and news.

    The international participation at Belarus Fashion Week, led the international press to classify him as "the most charismatic of the designers" and this became an open door to his expansion through the world.

    In addition to the work on his own brand has several international programs related to development ECO-FASHION. These stakes passed by Greece, Spain, Hungary, Italy, France, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt.

    The ecological surfboard coated with cork, with the partnership of Amorim Cork Composites, becomes a reference of its ecological work through innumerous news and reports. 

    CELSUS is also linked to humanitarian causes and was often invited by various institutions to work together in solidarity.

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