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  • Ana Leite Scarves

    There are things that are created from nothing…

    In autumm 2012 while I was sewing scarves to renew my own wardrobe, the reaction was so positive that I ended up sewing some more for a small group of friends.
    It is true that I gladly gave them away, but the idea of how a simple accessory can change an emotion, and actually a complete look, came to light.
    Professionally, in the morning it was usual not to know if at the end of the day there would be an executive dinner, a presentation or an informal meeting. The scarves were always there to help me reinvent a different look as I faced a new context.
    This leads to a Portuguese idea and brand.
    The silk butterfly, assumed as brand logo, reflects a willingness to change a course, the need to fly to other projects, such as silk, it is intended to be engaging, emotive and fly beyond boards.

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  • Guava Shoes

    Guava is a Portuguese shoes design brand based in Oslo - Norway, driven by its passion for architectonic shapes inspired by asymmetries and the emotion of vibrant colors. Its designs are a fusion of a geometric seduction, an urban experience and a new design perspective.


    Guava Shoes and bags

    Each piece is handmade by dedicated Portuguese artisans who apply their refined skills and experience to create the most delicate elements that become part of the quality and perfection of every shoe. 

    Details are essential to this unique process. Contemporary designs, the most modern technologies, sustainable materials, close work with our manufacturers and necessary ecological concern culminate in the most elegant avant garde fashions. 

    Guava’s project started in the beginning of 2010, while the designer was living in the USA. She wanted to establish a desirable place in the market and that what motivated her to start her own project / brand.

    During her 4 years in London she was invited to work at Jimmy Choo after winning the 'Best Student Award' at the London College of Fashion.

    Her background in Graphic Design (Portugal, Lisbon), Fashion and Product Design (UK, London) leads to a combination of influences visible in Guava. her academical and professional path provided her with rich experience in several areas of Design such as Graphic, Product, inte- rior and Fashion. This allowed her to combine the necessary tools in order to embark this enthusiastic path where Innovation and Excellence are important values.


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