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  • Magna Natura | Art & Concept Furniture


    Combine art, design and nature with a single touch of luxury. This is the great maxim of Magna Natura, a Portuguese brand that was born within the robust passion of the businesswoman Isabel Silva for what is one of the most precious and unique resources of Portugal the cork.

    Born in 2013 in the small town of Lourosa - designated by CCC, Capital City of Cork - belonging to the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, the Magna Natura brand presents a range of furniture and decorative products, individually hand made with pure cork - the bark of the cork oak a very important material to the Portuguese people. The cork oak is the highlight resource used in the full range of supply of the brand, however, it’s important to note that this production does not affect the trees, keeping the naturalness and a low ecological footprint.

    Each piece of furniture or decoration becomes exclusive because there are not two identical pieces of cork, and they are also patented by values such as durability, elegance, design and timelessness. The ability to pass through generations these special products that reproduce so well the nobility of Portuguese heritage is unique. Magna Natura presents its products as a living reflection of our national heritage, applied in different pieces with a recognized design.



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  • 560 Art Brand


    560 art brand

    The 560 art brand is dedicated to the creation and manufacturing of Portuguese-made furniture and product design.


    Founded in 2010, 560 art brand was born right after the event POPs 2010 Projectos Originais Portugueses [Original Portuguese Projects], promoted by Serralves Contemporary Art Museum, in which, the piece “C – Counter” was awarded.


    The company aims the creation of original pieces, which clearly show creative identity, represent the high-quality standards in both material and intellectual terms and the statement of Portuguese productions, both in national and international markets.


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