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  • Swain Boots

    Swain boots come in a re-usable wood box to reduce packaging waste

    Swain boots, shop boots online, by-PT online store

    It took more than a century for someone to do something different in the shoe industry regarding packaging, but get ready, because there’s a new box in town. A young Portuguese entrepreneur is introducing the first shoe in the market packed in a box made of wood. The name is Swain, the concept is simple: “You don’t need to throw away your paper box or burn it in your fireplace anymore”, says Rodrigo Mendes, the young Portuguese entrepreneur. “A box is perfect for planting strawberries or to keep books and CDs on your desk.” Swain is manufactured in northern Portugal, and because they are made to last, you won’t need to buy a replacement pair for a long time.


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  • CUTIPOL Cutlery


    Cutipol Cutlery

    CUTIPOL is the best result of a constant effort for improvement, an insatiable spirit of inovation and the gathering of expertise and know-how over several generations going back to the very origins of the cutlery industry in Portugal. The bigest quality manufacture has been regarded not as an option but as an absolute necessity. Judicious selection of raw materials.  Ergonomic study of the shapes. Sober, practical and refined design. Perfection in finish. 

    In a sector such as cutlery, where classical design and materials have predominated for decades, CUTIPOL sees it as essential to present a very diversified range of cutlery. The CUTIPOL range includes traditional and modern design, in which great attention has been paid to detail. These new modern patterns called for a great deal of technical knowledge and meticulous care. 

    Although modern machinery is used for much of the initial work, the old traditional craftsmanship still plays a major role.

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  • Do you know ANTIFLOP?

    “What if a work of art could be worn...”




    ANTIFLOP was born from a thought... “What if a work of art could be worn…”

    Combining a passion for art with the experience in the world of fashion, Tété, the foundress of the Portuguese brand, created that with the ambition to bring art to people`s daily lives in the simple way, nothing more that WEAR!!!

    The concept of the brand is reproduce works by Portuguese artists in scarfs, tunics and t-shirts always having as a basis the quality raw materials ranging from silk, cotton, kashmir until micro modal.

    Every single pieces promote not only, the national artista as well as the culture of our country being reproduced on number reduced, that create limited serie with a certification of authenticity numbered, adding to piece a touch of exclusivity and glamour.

    The brand has partnerships with various portuguese artists, José de Guimarães, António Soares, Luís Filipe de Abreu. Also features a scarf with the first map of Portugal created by cartographer of the 16th century, Fernando Álvaro Seco. Soon to be added more partnerships with the confirmation existing Nadir Afonso, Sofia Areal and the photographer Carlos Ramos.

    ANTIFLOP is online at, Lisbon Shop, Serralves Foundation, gallery art Arte 9 séculos and in online store by-PT.

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  • IMELDA´SECRET - Art on Feet

    The name IMELDA'SECRET was inspired in the epitome of "shoe lover" and uber-collector IMELDA MARCOS, believing that the secret for the compulsive action of collecting lies in the fact that shoes are an object of desire! The physical image of the brand is represented by a feather, reflecting the influences of design: exotic, texture and lightness.

    IMELDA’SECRET caters for women who appreciate the functional features of footwear, such as comfort and breathability of the materials, but do not relinquish a sleek design and dare to mix colors and textures. They become loyal to pieces, tending to collect the same model in different colors, looking to affirm their personality through shoes.

    The IMELDA'SECRET shoes have classical forms easily perceived as comfortable, resulting in versatile, feminine and flirty shoes with a strong visual syntax.

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  • by-PT in Time Out July

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