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  • Do you know Saccus?

    men accessories bags belt

    It all started when Paul Silveira Pereira, designer and founder, was challenged by a close friend to create a bag inspired by the iconic model of one of the most exclusive brands in the world. 

    He accepted the challenge and so it was planted the seed of what is today the brand SACCUS. (From the Latin, bag)

    From drawing to drawing, prototype to prototype, the ideas were born and the concept took shape and strength. 

    The concept 

    A Portuguese brand of contemporary and functional design, with exclusive pieces, SACCUS was impregnated, since its inception, with the motto "ingenium Liberat animum" (imagination frees the spirit), holding up a young, free and progressive attitude. 

    The promise 

    Saccus wants to bring to the segment of men’s fashion accessories everyday items, and pieces of urban design that endure for generations, either because of their high quality, and  because of their uniqueness.

    In practice 

    SACCUS uses materials produced and reared in Portugal.

    SACCUS counts, among its biggest stars, with the leather, the burel (a woolen cloth), the tanned fish skin, cork technical fabric (Eco Leather), linen and cotton.

    To fulfill the promise of high quality and uniqueness of each of its products, SACCUS resorts to manufacture based on traditional card molds of design, with which the leather and the fabrics are then tailored.

    Each piece is then made with the utmost attention to detail, whether by hand or machine, according to the technical specifications and the design.

    Our seal of authenticity

    There are four elements that must be present in a genuinely SACCUS piece:

    It’s embossed  hallmark in the leather, the custom metal fittings, the custom rivete on the outside and the woven label on the inside of each of our products. 

    "BE UNIQUE! "

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