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  • This Summer say no to oily skin


    Although you can’t stop oil production if you have oily skin, learn some simple tricks that will help you to reduce shine and improve healthy skin.

    Use oil-blotting papers or tissue

    It helps to control the production of oil in the T-zone. Use it as much as you need and dust on a bit of powder after.

    Avoid Liquid Foundation or serum

    To create a matte look in the warmest months try not to use liquid foundation or serum in oily areas and dust an SPF-infused mineral powder all over the face. Choose a salicylic acid serum, it will remove dry skin cells and unclogs the pores.

    Cleanse skin more often
    Oily skin normally tolerate cleansing up to three times a day, but be sure to use a cleanser free of sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, or ammonium laureth sulfate. These will only cause more oil production.

    Use a lighter moisturizer
    Avoid moisturizers containing mineral oil and petrolatum as these may block pores and lead to bumps and breakouts.


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  • Speaking to PTAH


    I guess it all started when I moved to Porto to start fashion school at the age of 16. During one of my final shows I noticed two guys (Miguel Viana e Augusto Morais) walking in with all these suitcases and my instinct kept telling me, one day I was going to work with them. 

    A couple of years later, I needed to make some extra money so I decided to get a job as a colourist as I had previous experience at my cousin’s hairdressers. I opened the newspaper and arranged an interview with the first ad I saw. Call it fate, but the interview was for the salon owned by the two guys from my final show. They ended up hiring me and introduced me to the world of make up, hair, fashion, celebrities and so on. After two years of working with them I followed their advice and moved to London. Since, I have worked and lived in London and Barcelona, working for a variety of fashion magazines, fashion shows, celebrities, music videos and so on.


    You’ve started your own collection of beauty products called Ptah, what’s the story behind your brand?

    After so long of feeling misplaced in the world and feeling that there was something else I wanted to do besides hair and makeup, I decided to listen to the voice inside me and follow my heart. The brand Ptah, is the result of nearly 20 years experience as a make up artist and working with beauty products. 


    Does Ptah fill a gap in the beauty market?

    There are lots of great products in the market, but I asked myself if it would be possible to do a range of products that were 100% natural, with the same luxury feel of many of the brands out there but at a far more accessible price and with better results over time. So I started experimenting and learning in my kitchen.


    What makes Ptah different to other products out there?

    What makes Ptah different is the fact that it’s not focused on the profit but in offering a freshly made, honest, clean and affordable product. I have always formulated the products using natural ingredients that will nourish and feed your skin. From experience, other brands will replace plant oils for mineral oils because it’s more cost effective and it gives instant results, giving the impression of miracles but provides nothing in the long term. Ptah is designed around 2 words, “timeless” and “universal”. Products that can be used by anyone at any time in their life, used by the man, the woman, the child or the grandparents.  I believe we were born and made of the same grain of sand.

    The more research I do into what we use and eat, the more I realise people are not taking their wellbeing into consideration, which is very worrying. Not many companies are willing to put the consumer health in front of their profit and the consumers are actually supporting this by buying their products. 

    In a world where so much is mass-produced and looks and tastes the same, I’m trying to go back to our roots and provide honest products to help people without the hefty price tags.


    Why BY-PT?

    When i was deciding where to sell Ptah in Portugal, I had one aspect that I consider very important, to help promote the many amazing things Portugal always had to offer. Somehow in the past, i felt people valued more what came from other countries. That way of thinking has changed a lot and more and more you see new minds with new projects, projecting  Portugal and it's many emerging talents. By-PT is doing exactly that, it just felt the perfect combination for Ptah. 

    What’s the dream for Ptah and your career?

    The dream is for Ptah to connect people and communities in need of help throughout the world. Since Ptah is homemade and produced by the human hand, Ptah will need lots of them in the future and I believe all production and distribution should be performed locally.

     Ptah is a project that I see myself doing for the rest of my life, as it is a reflection of myself as a human being. Certain things that once were so important became not so important and new needs have emerged. The exploration of is important to me is expressed though Ptah. 

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  • Perfect Skincare

    Somewhere in the world, there is a place where nature teaches what life is. A place where every day History is made, where beauty mixes with pleasure, in a feast of senses that only a few chosen can attend.

    DVINE Skincare cosmetics

    There, the eyes are not meant to see. The eyes are meant to appreciate.
    The hillsides and the river in a dialogue to lose sight, the green in euphoria behind the slopes.

    There, the ears are not meant to hear. The ears are meant to feel.
    The silence of contemplation, the dream language’s purity without a match.

    There, the mouth is not meant to taste. The mouth is meant to savour.
    The aftertaste of a single wine, that so many have tried to mimic but nobody could even compare. One Port for the world, one Port for the immortality.

    There, the nose is not meant to smell. The nose is meant to fall in love.
    The scent of a unique nectar, the trip filled with emotions never explored before.

    There, the skin is not meant to touch. The skin is meant to love.
    The treat’s texture, the unforgettable age of each moment.

    Somewhere in the world, there is a place that could only be in that place. Douro. It’s from there, because it could only come from there, that DVINE is born. To others, is just a cosmetics’ line of excellence, the only one created from the exclusive essence of Port wine. To the chosen ones, it’s the proof that all senses are worth it.



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