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  • Paiva Walkways

    lifestyle onlinw shop walkwaysThe Walkways

    Paiva Walkways are located on the left bank of the Paiva River, in Arouca municipality, Aveiro, Portugal. They are 8 km that provide a walk "untouched", surrounded by unique beauty of landscapes, in an authentic natural sanctuary along the brave waters downhills, quartz crystals and endangered species in Europe. The route extends from the river beaches of Areinho and Espiunca, lying between them, the Vau beach. A journey through biology, geology and archeology that will remain, of course, in heart, soul and in mind of any nature lover.

    Come to visit us and meet also the remaining territory Arouca Geopark recognized by UNESCO as a Geological Heritage of Humanity



    Departure: Areinho / Espiunca

    Distance to Go: 8700m (linear)

    Average Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes

    Difficulty Level: Hard

    Gaps: Accented

    Type of Route: Small Route

    Scope: Sports, Culture, Environment and Landscape

    Advised Season: All the Year

    Entrance: Free (24h)

    Passing by Geosites: Garganta do Paiva (G36); Cascata das Aguieiras (G35); Praia Fluvial do Vau (G30); Gola do Salto(G31); Falha de Espiunca (G32)



    Enjoy nature in its pure state. Cool off in the clear waters of Paiva River.


    Note the biodiversity of the site, with species endangered in Europe.


    Be thrilled by five geosites of Arouca Geopark, during the route.


    Take a trip to the past, with more than a thousand years of history. 


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  • IMELDA´SECRET - Art on Feet

    The name IMELDA'SECRET was inspired in the epitome of "shoe lover" and uber-collector IMELDA MARCOS, believing that the secret for the compulsive action of collecting lies in the fact that shoes are an object of desire! The physical image of the brand is represented by a feather, reflecting the influences of design: exotic, texture and lightness.

    IMELDA’SECRET caters for women who appreciate the functional features of footwear, such as comfort and breathability of the materials, but do not relinquish a sleek design and dare to mix colors and textures. They become loyal to pieces, tending to collect the same model in different colors, looking to affirm their personality through shoes.

    The IMELDA'SECRET shoes have classical forms easily perceived as comfortable, resulting in versatile, feminine and flirty shoes with a strong visual syntax.

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